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Chick Corea American Eagle Award Acceptance Performance Movie By Jon Hammond

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Chick Corea American Eagle Award Acceptance Performance Movie By Jon Hammond

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Chick Corea American Eagle Award Acceptance Performance Movie By Jon Hammond

Chick Corea American Eagle Award Acceptance Performance Movie by Jon Hammond : *Note: Chick said to me after the concert "Erlend Skomsvoll is a genius!" -
National Music Council American Eagle Awards
Nashville Music City Center -- "-Live Music at event honoring musical luminaries and advocates for music education, creative rights-
Nashville, TN
April 17, 2018
The National Music Council has announced that jazz legends Chick Corea and The Manhattan Transfer will be honored at the organization’s 35th annual American Eagle Awards on Thursday, June 28 at the Summer NAMM Showin Nashville. The honors are presented each year in recognition of long-term contributions to American musical culture and heritage, the importance of music education and inspiration for all children, and the need to protect creators’ rights both locally and globally.
“At this year’s event, we are honoring the artists who bring life and imagination to one of our country’s most revered and treasured genres of music – jazz,” said David Sanders , Director of the National Music Council. “The time has come to celebrate the enduring legacies and versatility of Chick Corea and all the members of The Manhattan Transfer. Each has set an extraordinary standard for ongoing contribution to American musical culture and heritage, and will rightly serve as a mentor or role model for aspiring jazz artists for years to come.”
Recognized as one of music’s most influential stylists, Chick Corea has reached iconic status as a keyboardist, composer and bandleader. Corea is a DownBeat Hall of Famer and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, as well as the fourth-most nominated artist in GRAMMY® Awards history with 63 nods – and 22 wins, in addition to a number of Latin GRAMMYs. From straight-ahead to avant-garde, bebop to jazz-rock fusion, children’s songs to chamber and symphonic works, Corea has accessed an impressive repertoire of musical genres in the past fifty years since first performing with several Miles Davis bands in the late ’60s and early ’70s.
Yet Corea has never been more productive than in the 21st century, whether playing acoustic piano or electric keyboards, leading multiple bands, performing solo or collaborating with a “who’s who” of music. Underscoring his long list of accomplishments, he was also named Artist of the Year three times this decade in the DownBeat Readers Poll. The Massachusetts-born musician remains a tireless creative spirit, continually reinventing himself through his art. As The New York Times noted, he is “a luminary, ebullient and eternally youthful.”.." 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jon Hammond Flashback Picture Music Machine Pocket Funk Plus White Onions

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Flashback Picture Music Machine Pocket Funk Plus White Onions

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Jon Hammond Flashback Picture Music Machine Pocket Funk Plus White Onions

Jon Hammond Flashback Picture Music Machine Pocket Funk plus White Onions 
Jon Hammond Band - Jon Hammond Organ Group
©JON HAMMOND International http://www.HammondCast.com
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Jon Hammond Show 0714

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0714

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Jon Hammond Show 0714

Jon Hammond Show 0714 - just back from Nashville Tennessee Summer NAMM Show - air time 01:30 AM on 0714 MNN TV Channel 1 Manhattan Neighborhood Network - 
First segment:
Nashville, Tennessee- 4th consecutive year - Jon Hammond
*NOTE: TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE Rhythm Section Breakdown - Louis and Chuggy tear it up with Remastered audio version from Joe B. folks - JH:
featuring Louis Flip Winfield, Chuggy Leslie J. CarterJoe Berger and Jon Hammond at the organ - Jon's tune "Pocket Funk" for Michael Turner's Mothertone Mother of All Hangs Summer NAMM Show night party - amazing drums breakdown with Chuggy and Louis playing the special Mothertone drums set - thanks Eventide for guitar loaner (Billy Corgan signature guitar by Reverend Guitars) for Joe Berger2 aka Berger-meister - Chuggy Carter plays GON BOPS, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ as seen on MNN TV 35 years Jon Hammond Show http://www.HammondCast.com- from Big Shotz Nashville on 2nd Avenue House Mix: Max Henry Gottesman

2nd Segment:
WHITE ONIONS 4th Consecutive Year Mothertone Party Jon Hammond Band in Big Shotz Nashville
House Mix: Max Henry Gottesman mastered by Joe Berger
Louis Flip Winfield drums
Chuggy Carter GON BOPScongas & percussion
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond Organ (composer)
spcl. thanks Michael Turner Mothertone Team, Eventide for the loaner guitar 'Billy Corgan signature guitar by Reverend Guitars' - Summer NAMM ShowThe Mother of All Hangs SummerNAMM '18- as seen on Manhattan Neighborhood Network - MNN- MNN Jon Hammond Show - Music, Travel and Soft News


3rd Segment:
Mothertone SNAMM Party LATE RENT Jon Hammond Band theme song with Kayleigh
Summer NAMM Show Nashville Mothertone Party LATE RENT Jon Hammond Band theme song with Kayleigh Moyer playing us out on drums, Louis Flip Winfield exiting bandstand for his next gig that night at BB King's - 4th annual The Mother of All Hangs SummerNAMM '18 extravaganza at Big Shotz Nashville club on 2nd Avenue - Chuggy Carter on the GON BOPS congas and percussion, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond Organ - special thanks Dawn Moyer & Michael Turner , Eventide - House mix: Max Henry Gottesman - Joe is playing a Billy Corgan signature guitar by Reverend Guitars 

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